Aromatherapy aims to promote and maintain health, and prevent dis-ease in body, mind and spirit.

Professional Aromatherapists are skilled and highly trained health practitioners who posses an extensive knowledge of up to 100 different essential oils and know the best method of application, to ensure safe, effective treatment outcomes, tailored to individual needs.

Volatile essential oils enter the body during inhalation via the millions of scent-sensitive (olfactory) cells lining the nose or through the skin, as in massage or water treatments.

In halation is particularly effective in treating emotional, mental and hormonal disorders as our sense of smell is linked directly to the part of the brain which regulates mood and triggers the release of chemicals to help regulate and balance hormones, stimulate or relax, assist memory and creativity.

Aromatherapy massage is designed to maximise the benefits of essential oils by using a combination of different movements and techniques such as lymphatic drainage which facilities and assists the elimination of toxins, and Swedish massage techniques that improve circulation, increase mobility and reduces pain.

Working on many levels simultaneously, Aromatherapy massage is very relaxing and eases stress and tension in the body and mind. It promotes healthy sleep patterns and can be extremely effective in treating emotional imbalance, including depression.

The unique and complex combination of chemicals in the individual essential oils are transported throughout the body via the bloodstream, enhancing the body’s own healing mechanisms and then eliminated without leaving harmful residue or creating unwelcome side affects.

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